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Master Scoreboard Service

Master Scoreboard Service

For those members not familiar, Master Scoreboard is the means that members can view their handicap movements, competition results, together with some analysis of their own individual play. It should not be confused with the BRS system, which is licensed by the company to facilitate tee time bookings etc.

For those of you that have not registered for Master Scoreboard (i.e. New Members), please find instructions below on how to register.

On your Mobile Phone (WebApp):

On your PC (Website):

  • Log onto:
  • From the drop-down menu select your name.
  • Enter password lgc and click "login"
  • You will then be prompted to change the password; you should change the password to lutt All members should use the same password
  • You are now ready to use the Website

Existing Users:

Given the various updates on Master Scoreboard, you will be (or may already have been) prompted to change your password. We recommend all members change it to lutt It makes troubleshooting easier.

If you have any issues registering or changing your password, please do not hesitate to email Martin Doyle

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