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Congratulations, your membership application for joining Luttrellstown Men's Golf Club has been approved. We are delighted you have joined the club and we look forward to seeing you out playing soon.

The information pack contains some helpful information that will get you set up and golfing.

Issued by the Men's Club Committee. April 2019
Author: Ivan Cosgrave

Questions or comment, please mail guicontact@luttrellstowngc.com or The Committee on luttrellstownmensgc@luttrellstowngc.com .

Your Golf Handicap    


How to obtain a Handicap or transfer an existing Handicap to Luttrellstown Golf Club.

Unless otherwise requested by you on your application form your Golf Club Handicap will be managed by the Luttrellstown Golf Club Handicap secretary
(luttrellstownhandicapcommittee@gmail.com )

Follow the appropriate process laid out below for obtaining or transferring your handicap.

1. New Handicap if you are new to Golf or if you have a non active Handicap for more than twelve months

Any permutation of nine and 18-hole cards may be submitted but must total a minimum of 54 holes. Each card must be marked and signed by a member of the UHS ( have an official handicap) and be played at Luttrellstown GC. All Cards for new handicap should be put in an envelope and put in Competition box, marked "FOR HANDICAP" Normally these card should be submitted within a period of six months. (16.2) refers. (Handicap committee meets the first week of the month in regards to the allotment of handicaps and where possible sooner)


2. New Member Not re-joining their home club or who let their handicap lapsed within the statute time. (See 26.1 below)

New members must first request a CONGU certificate of their exact handicap and a record of their last two years of competitive golf from their previous home club.


The GUI Leinster branch has instructed on the following.

"You cannot set the player up on your club software and provide a new member with a GUI Number until he has provided you with a copy of his handicap record from his previous club which is dated within the last 12 months."


26.1 A CONGU® Handicap is lost when a player ceases to be a Member of an Affiliated Club.
If the handicap of a player is to be restored within twelve months of the date on which his handicap was lost, it must be reinstated at the same handicap the player last held.
Handicap cards and 2 years playing history should be posted at your earliest in the clubs competition box.
Processing will be carried in a timely manner.


3 New members affiliated with more than one club

8.2 (a) In Ireland a player's Home Club for handicapping purposes must be the club at which he competes most frequently. For ease of handicap administration, it is recommended that in circumstances where a player is a Member of more than one Affiliated Club, he should select as his Home Club, the club at which he competes most frequently in Qualifying Competitions.

8.3 Not change his Home Club except by giving advance notice of the change which can take effect only at the end of a calendar year unless he has ceased to be a Member of his Home Club or both clubs agree to the change taking place at an earlier date.

8.4 Report to his Home Club the names of all other Affiliated Clubs of which he is, becomes, or ceases to be, a Member and report to all other Affiliated Clubs of which he is a Member: (a) the name of his Home Club and any changes of Home Club; and (b) his Home Club CDH ID Number, and (c) alterations to his Playing Handicap made by his Home Club.

Please reference the CONGU guidelines for your Golf Handicap:
CONGU Handicaping
CONGU Unified Handicapping System

For any queries on the above or progress etc

Please contact the Handicap Secretary by emailing luttrellstownhandicapcommittee@gmail.com

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