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Congratulations, your membership application for joining Luttrellstown Men's Golf Club has been approved. We are delighted you have joined the club and we look forward to seeing you out playing soon.

The information pack contains some helpful information that will get you set up and golfing.

Issued by the Men's Club Committee. April 2019
Author: Ivan Cosgrave

Questions or comment, please mail guicontact@luttrellstowngc.com or The Committee on luttrellstownmensgc@luttrellstowngc.com .

Your Golf Handicap    

If you have any queries for the Handicap Committee, please email us on your new email address of Luttrellstownhandicap1@gmail.com

Checking your Handicap Index


You can check your Handicap Index by going to the Golf Ireland website and logging in to MyGolf or on the Golf Ireland App. You just need to enter your 8-digit Membership Number and password. For those who haven't previously used MyGolf or the Golf Ireland App, here's a useful introduction video from Golf Ireland:
Golf Ireland - How to create a MyGolf account "

Course Ratings and Slope Ratings


You can find full details of the course ratings, slope ratings and handicap tables for the Luttrellstown courses on the notice-board at the entrance nearest the Spike Bar. Course ratings and slope information for courses worldwide can be found on the R&A Website "

General Play


Under the World Handicap System ("WHS"), players are permitted to submit social/recreational scores over 9 or 18 holes for Handicap purposes (known in WHS as General Play scores). The use of General Play scores is a good way of ensuring that your handicap remains an accurate representation of your current ability particularly if you can't play many singles competitions. It is important to note that for General Play scores to count towards handicap, the course you play must be in an Acceptable Score condition (similar idea to "qualifying") meaning it has a current course and slope rating and the round is played acceptable formats of play include individual stroke play, stableford and vPar.

To submit a General play score using the Golf Ireland App, please do the following:

  • BEFORE going out to play, you must pre-register intent to submit a General Play score using the Golf Ireland App;

  • Immediately after the round you and your marker should verbally agree on the scores;

  • You must submit the score on the day of play using the Golf Ireland App;

  • After entering your score, you are prompted to select the marker (who must also be pre-registered). For the score to be included on your scoring record, the marker must verify the returned score when prompted by the Golf Ireland App.

There is also the option at Luttrellstown to pre-register and submit General Play scores using the terminal near the reception area.

New Members - Handicap Index

For new members, if you have an existing handicap index and requested it be administered by Luttrellstown in your membership application, that change will automatically occur. You won't need to contact your former club. If you don't have a current handicap index and wish to get one the process is straightforward. Please complete 3 x 18 hole rounds of golf with a marker and leave the 3 cards (fully signed and dated) in the men's scorecard box beside the computer terminal. Please also indicate on the card what tees you played from.

It's best to submit the scorecards at the same time as your handicap index can't be created without the 3 scores. The preference is for 18 hole rounds but, if that's not possible in all cases, 2 x 9 hole rounds can be used instead.

Minimum Number of Scores for Medal Competitions

Important to note that for Medal Competitions, you must have at least 10 scores recorded (whether General Play or Competition) to be eligible to win the Medal. The 10 scores can be at Luttrellstown or other courses and don't need to be in the last year. You can still of course play in the Medal and win all other prizes other than the first prize Medal. It should be noted that from 2023, Golf Ireland have indicated that golfers will need a minimum of 20 recorded scores to play in inter-club competitions.

Further Handicap Queries

If you have any queries on the handicap system generally, the Golf Ireland website is a great source of information ( https://www.golfireland.ie/handicap-system " ).

As noted above, if you have any queries on this email or regarding your handicap, please email us on Luttrellstownhandicap1@gmail.com

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