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Wed. 28th August
FourBall BetterBall Stableford (2-person team event)
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Welcome to Luttrellstown Golf Club Members Area Saturday, August 24 2019 @ 12:37 PM

Role of Honour

Captains & Presidents Prize
Lady Captains   Presidents  
2017 Maureen Black
2016 Mary Brosnan
2015 Brid Fallon
2014 Moya Ridge
2017 Geraldine Thompson
2016 Terry Smyth
2015 Pat Desmond
2014 Barbara Ardagh

Ladies Masters, GOY & Championship
Masters GOY Championship  
2017 Brid Fallon
2016 Pauline Danaher
2015 Pauline Danaher
2014 Pat Desmond
2017 Terry Smyth
2016 Mary Brosnan
2015 Breda Hague
2014 Vera Naughton
2017 Grace Collins
2016 Moya Ridge
2015 Sue Hannon
2014 Yvonne Coghlan

Matchplay Winners
Singles Fourball Mixed  
2017 Moya Ridge
2016 Beatie Lynch
2015 Yvonne Coghlan
2014 Sue Hannon
2017 Yvonne Coghlan
Geraldine Thompson
2016 Mary Brosnan
Mary Burns
2015 Moya Ridge
Adrienne O'Sullivan
2014 Barbara Ardagh
Vera Naughton
2017 Grace Collins
David Riley
2016 Adrienne O'Sullivan
David Riley
2015 Sue Hannon
Niall Carty
2014 Mary O'Flynn
Noel Cunningham

Medal Winners
2014 2015 2016
Mar Geraldine Thompson
Apr Maria Smyth
May Yvonne Coghlan
Jun Anne Mac Canna
Jul Geraldine Thompson
Aug Pat Desmond
Sep Lillie Ferris
Oct Vera Naughton
Apr Pauline Danaher
May Pauline Danaher
Jun Terry Smyth
Jul Paulette O'Sullivan
Aug Maureen Flood
Sep Yvonne Coghlan
Oct Breda Hague
Apr Mary Brosnan
May Terry Smyth
Jun Pauline Danaher
Jul Maureen Black
Aug Terry Smyth
Sep Brid Fallon
Oct Terry Smyth
2017 2018  
Apr Brid Fallon
May Anne Hawkshaw
Jun Jacinta Hickey
Jul Geraldine Thompson
Aug Geraldine Thompson
Sep Moya Ridge
Oct Mary Brosnan


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